About Us

Our Mission

Using Property Technology to reconstruct the office space of the next generation.

WOOM was created in 2018 when our founders determined to create a sharing economy for underutilized office spaces when the coworking market was getting increasingly saturated. Meanwhile, the rise of the gig economy transforms the nature of jobs and demand of workspaces. The millennial workforces prefer flexibility and a collaborative environment to ignite their creativity and keep their minds refreshed.

Think outside the box, and find the most efficient and comfortable place to work. Get out of the rigid space and rent the right facility in the best location. Set up your next workstation anywhere with cloud technology and your mobile devices.

Innovate your work habit now.

What is WOOM?

The logo may look like a puppy but it actually represents a moving desk. And WOOM is exactly that. WOOM is an online booking platform that provides seamless access to coworking spaces and business centers on your phone. We wish to make you feel like a hotdesk is always walking with you.

Who do we benefit?

Entrepreneurs, startups and direct sales travel across different parts across the city for business meetings. With our vast footprints in almost every district and corner, no matter where you go, you can find decent meeting spaces or get a pass to business centers to work and utilize their time between meetings.

Business travellers or trade shows visitors have no easy and systematic way to search and compare business centers. If they need a place for a last-minute document preparation or ad-hoc conference calls, WOOM can be the solution.

SMEs or professional services (e.g. accounting firms, trading companies or IT service providers) usually have office spaces which may not be fully utilized. These SMEs can lease their underutilized office spaces through WOOM to subsidize their high rental costs.

Our Management Team

Vincent Tsui
Chief Executive Officer
Joana Wong
Chief Marketing Officer
Benny Yip
Chief Operating & Technology Officer
Alan Wong
Front End Development Strategy

Our Office

Room 34, Entrepreneurship Center
I.T.Street, Cyberport 3
100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong