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Hotel Day Pass

Been working from home for too long and need a change of scenery? Or are you just permanently in transit? Treat yourself and refresh your scenery! Here at WOOM, we offer budget friendly hotel day passes for those who want a little indulgence but don’t want to splash out too much.

A game changer for those who have transitioned into remote work, WOOM provides you with the chance to work in style- and privacy- at an affordable price point! Whether you need a private space to finish your project or a quiet location to take a conference call without any distractions, our hotel day pass has you covered. WOOM’s online booking platform is a one-stop directory to find on-demand hotels in Hong Kong’s most popular lifestyle district. Simply just choose from the hotel day pass packages available on the WOOM app and book a one that suits your needs, no matter where you are in Hong Kong.

Ideal for business travellers or trade show visitors, WOOM offers digital nomads and entrepreneurs on-the-go a seamless solution to find a comfortable place to work and productively utilize their time between meetings.

Unlock your access to world-class rooms, gym facilities, soothing spas and electrifying culinary experiences whenever you want, no matter where you are in Hong Kong with the WOOM’s hotel day pass today. Download the app now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the quiet comfort of Hong Kong’s best hospitality for the day with WOOM’s hotel day pass. Below we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about this unique feature.

What type of rooms do I have access to?

WOOM connects you with top notch hotels across Hong Kong, and with over 30+ hotel day passes available in our app, you are free to choose from a range of handpicked hotels in our listing.

What kind of hours am I constrained to if I book a hotel day pass?

The hours are all dependent on the day pass you choose. For more information please get in touch with us at

What are the amenities included in the hotel day pass?

The particulars for our hotel day pass vary depending on the package you choose. So don’t be afraid to explore the options in our app, and browse the different experiences and amenities that can potentially elevate your hour or even day.